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    BigRep ONE.2

    Berlin-based BigRep has just announced their BigRep ONE.2, large-scale 3D printer. With a build volume of around 1.3 cubic meters, this machine can fabricate objects which are over 100 times the volume of what a MakerBot Replicator 2 can print. Priced at around $44,700, the BigRep ONE.2 is not something anyone can afford, however, for those who can afford it's quite an incredible machine. Let us know if you have used this machine or are considering a purchase. More details on the printers actual build envelope can be found here:

    The company will be unveiling it at EuroMold in Frankfurt next week. Below is a sneak peek!

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    I can't imagine spending that much on a CNC machine made out of aluminum extrusions.

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    Ever priced out those 80-20 extrusions? No wonder it costs so much...

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