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    First post,Presentation,thanks,invitation and a little question...from Cuba

    Helo people
    First of all sorry for my english,i speak and read english without problems but I'm a little rusty writing,hope google transtlate don't make me write nonsense
    I'm writing from Habana(Cuba)and I would like to start by thanking to this wonderful forum,all those people who give their time and knowledge to help other in this complicated and in constant motion and development world of 3D printers,could mention moderators, administrators or any of the great people who interact here but, do not want to leave anyone out,however I can not fail to mention Geoff,thanks man,that tread opening the flashforge folder when i found this forum makes my learning curve(and from what I've read,a lot of others to)on my Flashforge Creator X really easy and was the final push that made me decide on that printer
    Besade that i'm very excited,this is my first post here and also i just open a little 3D-fab cafe here in habana called CREARTE(CREAR-TE,in english means something like Make-you,few things define you more than your ideas so if i print/make and bring to reality one of them it's like make a piece of you)and have begun to give service of 3D printing, molds, prototypes, models and all kind of crazy ideas that people passing through here occurs to them to give solution to the challenges of living in a society such as specific as this,so lacking of material goods.I reemember have read here a post of one guy(from Albania or Armenia )I could not believe how that person did not see the aplications of this technology living like he said in a poor country,this technology even imperfect its a blessing for third world countries.
    Only comment about my small printing business to share and thanks to this forum(I am not an engineer or designer but much of my confidence to make this got it reading here)for obvious reazons(Cuba,almost no internet,out of the global circuits of comerce and business,bla bla bla) have no intend of make self promotion,anyway if any of you make a trip to the caribbean don't hesitate to contact me all you are invited and the capuccinos ist on the house...jeje
    Well,First post,Presentation,acknowledgments,invitation and now,at least!! the question
    Maybe its a silly question and i almost know the answer but.......any of you have experience whit some setting in any softwear that makes reliable re start a printing(from usb) at the same spot after a power cut??
    maybe presing pause as fast as possible and kind of rewind manualy the Gcode to the comand line at the exact moment that happened?..

    Regards and thanks in advance

    PD:Today after 5 hours printing from my laptop a human skull in my 3DCzar Prusa, 78% and ,,,,,bang,,,,,,power cut

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    Welcome to 3D Printboard, a place with a truly international membership.

    Because you have established a small business that relies on a secure electricity supply, you should make sure that your supply cannot be interrupted by outside influences. I suggest that it would be a good idea for you to invest in a small portable generator powered by a gasoline engine and dedicate it to providing power to your printers. The generator should be able to meet the electricity demands of a number of printers so they will keep on printing even if you have not paid your electricity bill and the power company cuts off your supply. You can keep your connection to the power company to get the electricity for your business' lights, fans coffee machines and such.

    Just one thing ... If your little 3D-fab cafe is successful, please do not start printing cigars. We only like the ones rolled on the sensuous thighs of Cuban maidens!

    Old Man Emu

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    je je,ok old man emu,thanks for the welcome and so far no plans of printing cigars
    Of course a type of business like this needs an electric backup,It is a bit more complicated around here,cost 3 or 4 times its average value in the world,are also rarely available,but i'm already working on it


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