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    3D Toy Printing Coming to Toys'R'us

    Toys'R'us has announced that they will be teaming with a company called Piecemaker Technologies on a pilot program which will place a 3D printing kiosk into two New jersey located stores. The Kiosks will be able to print toys and wearables for around $10 a piece, and will take well under 30 minutes to fabricate a particular object. If all goes well with this pilot program we could see similar kiosks in stores nationwide. More details on the ambitions of Toys'R'us, and how the system works can be found here:

    Let us know if you have seen any of these kiosks in action and feel free to post photos of your toy prints!

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    Back in November, we saw that Toys'R'Us and PieceMaker Technologies had teamed up to bring the latest in 3D printing right into the hands of the next generation by means of 3D toy printing kiosks that let kids customize toy designs and then have them 3D printed right in the store, all in about 20 minutes. Now, PieceMaker has introduced the next step in these fun kiosks, debuting the latest at New York City's Toy Fair 2015. Three major upgrades have been made to the kiosks, including unification of design and 3D printing all in one place, payment made at the kiosk, and an enhanced display. For just $4.99-$12.99, kids can get brand new toys -- created in just 5-25 minutes -- they had the chance to choose. These new kiosks will be available for pre-order in July, and could be placed in a variety of kid-friendly venues. Find out more details about these new enhanced kiosks in the full article:

    Below is a look at a PieceMaker kiosk setup:

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    Great concept. Dubious about the implimentation. Anyone seed the attention span of a 10yr old? 25minutes? Yea, no. I have an 8 and 10yr old grandaughters (and 14 and 16 too) that enjoy me making things for them with the laser cutter. Its way faster than a 3D printer. I can tell you first hand, they are about 5 minutes at watching it cut before they walk away. They would certainly not sit there for 25min watching it print/cut.

    The kiosk would have to produce things far faster than nearly a half hour before kids are going to stay entertained.

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