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    European Space Agency Releases Video on How to 3D Print Moon Bases

    Just released from the ESA is a video outlining exactly how we can construct 3D printed bases on the moon. While there are still some challenges to be overcome, many have been met with solutions, like how to provide housing for moon bases. The ESA has a plan for delivering an inflatable scaffolding to the moon and then employing 3D printing robots to create a regolith shield over the structure. The big question still remaining is the materials to use in 3D printing, and whether they should transport binding agents to the moon or attempt to make them there through heating up regolith with solar power. The video, as well as further details on the two possible ways they look to accomplished the printing of a moon base can be found here:

    Below is an image of a 3D Printed moon base concept:

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    Build it here!

    I can see this as the above ground access but there should be work done below ground as well to connect several of these with doors to seal off areas that become compromised... is there any new info about moon caves?!?

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    The European Space Agency has been discussing, for a while now, the possibility of building a research base on the moon, using 3D printing for a large part of its construction. At a recent symposium attended by over 200 representatives from 28 countries, the agency reiterated its intention to build a colony on the moon, and to do so by the 2030s. Recently, the FAA has also expressed interest in getting American companies involved in the project. Read more at

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