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    3D Printing and Building Robots

    Love to see what 3D printed robotics projects people have been working on.. To start people off with a few ideas, here are some created by

    The Grabber - Print and build your very own robotic arm.

    Quadmonster -


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    Robotics looks awesome! I am very exciting to see more and more how areas of science are interconnected, and hope to embrace more of that in students education.

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    Oh wow this is really cool. I think this is going advance society in the aspect of engineering now that it will be easier for people to design and invent things.

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    I did design work for the new Origibot, it's coming soon with 3D printed body parts:!products/c194u

    The 3D printed parts are made with a desktop FDM machine and reinforced. They house all the electronics and frame.
    The project is a great example of how 3D printing can enable low volume production series!
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    Yes, 3d printing is playing a major role in Robotics. I use to print robot for testing purpose. Its really less expensive to see our research robot working live.

    Learn Robotics Online

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    I was actually speaking to someone who's deeply involved in applications of 3D printing in construction recently, and he mentioned that one of the things they're looking into is 3D printing robots and drones on-site for work in hazardous environments. It's still very much a work-in-progress for now, but some of the examples people are sharing here show that it's certainly viable and worthy of investigating. Good stuff!

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    Now you gave me an idea. When I came across Power Jack Motion before, I thought their parts are just for 3D Printers. Looks like I was able to hit two birds with one stone.

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    Wow, thank you for sharing, dude!
    I think I will see your link later. Btw, I'm so interested with robotics design.

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    3D-printing in robotics is very interesting and useful. I am very proud of our science way.

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    From last few years, the 3D printing industry has experienced robust growth due to its expanding application areas. Increasing awareness about the advantages of using 3D printing over conventional methods of manufacturing is supporting its growth.

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