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    Rinkak Teams with US Factory

    Kabuku, a Tokyo-based company, announced today that they will be partnering with a factory in the US to bring their web-based 3D printed products to customers more efficiently and affordably. Kabuku manages a 3D printing service and marketplace called Rinkak which offers a variety of services to users as well as retailing a variety of unique 3D printed items. Find out more in the full article:

    Below is a look at Kabuku's Rinkak marketplace:

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    In October, Japan-based Rinkak announced that they had partnered with a US-based factory to bring the popular Asian 3D printing marketplace to the United States. Today, January 29th, the service has launched -- comnplete with a 30% off coupon and free shipping for the introductory month. US platform registration is free and Rinkrak's process makes it easy on designers to get started, using a rapid quotation system. This service should greatly benefit sellers and buyers in the 3D marketplace worldwide, opening up whole new avenues of availability. Check out details on this new international foray in the full article:

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    This one is a direct link to Rinkak USA or this one.

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