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    Robucular compared to the Rubicon Scanner on KS

    I see that there are currently 2 3D scanners on Kickstarter. One is this one (the Robocular), and the other is the Rubicon. Does anyone of a comparison of features, resolution, etc on these? I'm looking to back one, but just can't make up my mind which one.


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    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for asking.

    We have a generic competitor comparison table on our KS page now since a lot of people were asking about other scanners. This just compares ours to the typical sub-2000$ 3D scanner.
    It's in the section "How does it compare with a typical competitor?"

    You can of course compare our models to others' and see the quality/detail difference.

    Best regards
    Robocular LLC

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    Here you go

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    I really like rubicon scanner but I currently have scanner sans fil and it works great
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