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    Robocular Backer Introduction Thread

    If you have backed the Robocular 3D Scanner on Kickstarter, please introduce yourself to the community here


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    My name is Dave Hylands.

    I've backed the Bukito 3D printer, and as soon as I get that, then I'll have my first 3D printer.
    I backed the Robocular 3D scanner primarily so that I can scan parts for my robots, and be able to import them into a CAD program when building a model of a robot.
    This will help when designing the custom parts that need to integrate with existing parts.

    Depending on how the resolution works out, the scanner would also be useful for taking measurements off of existing parts.
    I think it might also be useful for scanning electronic components for creating 3D models of circuit boards.

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    My name is Martin. I'm in. I just backed it. Seems like a really good deal for a scanner, that is capable of doing what the Digitizer does.

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