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    I like both solutions! Very clever. Russ

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChiloquinRuss View Post
    I like both solutions! Very clever. Russ

    I just got my aluminium rods and finished the first box

    size adapter for this spool (1kg ABS from NuNus)

    I also replaced the filament guide tube with longer ones which are hold in place by this piece that fits in the same spot where the original spool holders were

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    Love the spool holder.

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    Here are some of my favorite prints over the last year.
    Summersville Lake, Summersville WV

    1:4 scale Natural Gas Well casing model (full size model being finished now)

    1:6 scale model of a bicycle shell I have been working on
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    Hi all, new guy here. I started off with an M3D Micro, just to see if 3D printing would work for my needs. I'm a guitar builder by trade, and have recently gotten into making guitar pickups. I have a patent pending for a rather simple pickup tech that I came up with, and decided it would be easiest to 3D print the parts I need, so that the rest of my parts could be off the shelf parts.

    So recently, my day job told me I could "borrow" the wholly neglected MakerBot Replicator 2, as it had basically been written off as broken. Seeing as I'm also the main tech on the 5 axis CNC we have, I figured I could fix the MakerBot and have it do my bidding. That also included a bunch of large spools of filament, though none black.

    First thing I found was that the filament cooling fan's wires were completely disconnected:

    No doubt caused by all the movement of the wire bundle on the head over the years.

    Then I found that the extruder cooling fan wasn't working at all. That's a big problem, so I investigated and found that there was a burr on the housing of the fan that was locking the fan up. Trimmed back the burr and the fan worked perfectly.

    So I started printing and haven't stopped for the last several days

    This was my first set of guitar pickup bobbins. I love the way the crosshatching looks on 3D printed bobbins, and think that may actually become a selling point to my pickups.

    So I ramped it up last night, here's a flawlessly executed 10hr print:

    Now bobbins aren't the only thing I'll be printing, I also intend on 3D printing an insert to standard off the shelf bobbins, so I can have a traditional look to my pickups as well. I'll post that stuff later on. I used to do all of this bobbin making out of acrylic on a ShopBot CNC, with T shaped undercut bits and such.

    I've also printed the upgraded filament fan shroud, that directs the air to both sides of the filament, not just one, and an improved filament guide.

    I've tried looking for it, but can't find anything yet... Is there a Thing out there for fixing the wire bundle flex at the head? Like a clip on piece or something that would negate much of this?

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    Thermal detonator or BB-8 make the cut? I have a Thing-O-Matic from 2011, still works great. I have a MakerBot Z18 at work and have started to use it a lot, I printed the BB-8 with that since it was larger then the build volume of my TOM. Just installed a new Smart Extruder+ on the Z18 and it's made a lot of difference, it's a pretty solid printer now.

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    Traffic light for 5mm LEDs. Suitable for "G-Guage" trains.


    I didn't print the penny or the brass tube.

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    Just published my first Thing and thought I would share it here since I printed it on my 5th Gen Replicator.

    A Gone Fishin' replacement rod

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    We use a MakerBot Replicator to print 6 vital components on our SirMixABot robotic bartender. Aside from the drive belt stepper motor (above) the 3D printed parts include a circuit board mount, rail guide/vertical stepper holder, and a belt tensioner. See a few more photos below, and let us know what you think!

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