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    Kickstarter campaing MODULAR STL SABERS VOLUME 2 !!

    Hello everyone,
    we are proud to share our new kickstarter campaign Modular STL Sabers Volume 2 compatible with our two previous kickstarter campaigns modular sabers and modular STL fantasy weapons !

    With more than 250 new STL SABER SYSTEM files, create the perfect saber for your RPG, Cosplay or just to decorate your gaming room, your living, your office or whatever you want !

    Our two previous campaign will be available too ! It's time to get almost 1000 STL modular parts !

    We have created new parts to get more realism for your sabers like generator chambers and more !

    Don't hesitate to join the page to be ready for the campaign launch !

    Have a fun day

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    Hello everyone,

    here is the Galactic explorer set II. Yes there is another surprise set but not another blaster

    Join us to find out during the next campaign!

    This set was not unlocked during the STL Modular Sabers volume and some of you have requested that it be available for the next campaign, and it will be!
    Here is the customizable blaster thanks to all of these parts

    You can create rifle with classicle ammo and blaster style with power pack instead of the classical mag

    Hope you enjoy it and join us

    Have a fun printing day ^^

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    Hello everyone,

    now we revealed the galactix explorer set 1 ! This something like cyborg using it

    Amazing 30cm blade for this set !

    Don't hesitate to join us to get it with around 280+ new stl parts

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