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    Advice for using ABS-Like and PA-Like resin

    I have an ANYCUBIC Photon Mono X 6K. The standard resin models come out nice. I make plastic car parts that consist of connectors and small body parts. I have been playing with ABS-Like material for an engine compartment bulkhead connector. I have yet to get a clean surface where the supports connect. I was thinking maybe I just have too many supports and the resin is getting trapped between the ends. IDK. Does anyone have experience using ABS-Like resin with successful results that would like to share some tips? (ANYCUBIC ABS-LIKE Pro2 Resin)

    I also just bought the Sunlu PA-Like black resin. I have yet to use it. Does anyone have advice they would like to share before I blow thru a whole bottle of failed prints? That stuff is not cheap. lol
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