Good day fellow 3D geeks , I wanted to share our commercial 3D printing businessbased in Canada. We started our business in 2020, just as 3D printing formanufacturing was gaining widespread public awareness and the economy wasseeing a growing demand for 3D printing services and additive manufacturing, ascommercial printers became more capable of creating end-use products. We haveworked hard to grow our business and diversify, and wanted to share some of oursuccesses.Tempus 3D started with specializing in HP MultiJet Fusion, and we have diversified with more materials and post processingoptions, and now serve businesses and individuals across Canada, includingdesign engineers, small manufacturers, orthotics manufacturers, hobbyists,architects, and lot of other interesting businesses and individuals.We look forward to helping others in our communityachieve their product goals, quickly and affordably! You can find us at