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    New Here, don't print but need a printer maybe?

    First off, thanks for having me here, but I am not a printer. I am actually looking for direction on a company or person who might be able to print a mold for me. I am a decoy maker and cast a lot of foam decoys. I have metal molds from decades ago that I still use to cast foam. Otherwise, I can make molds using Silicone and hard cast plaster but I want to see if I can find a 3d printer to make a mold that I can cast polyurethane foam. I can send the master decoy to anyone, so that it is scanned and made into a file, and then hopefully reverse engineered into a mold. I am new, so hope to be able to figure out how to upload pictures. Figured creating a profile and asking here might be a good idea. I will never have the brains to get into all of this, and truthfully, I don't need another hobby. But I would definitely be willing to pay someone to 3D print for me.Thanks,William Reinicke

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    The first thing I would ask you, is what is wrong with the steel molds you have now?

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