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    Used Lulzbot TAZ Pro: Should I buy it?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the forum. I have an opportunity to get a pre-owned Lulzbot TAZ Pro. I've been looking online to get an idea of what the used market for TAZ Pros is like, and haven't come up with much to go by.

    The machine I'm considering comes from a maker space that has decided to get rid of it due to lack of use. Apparently people at the space gravitate toward other more user friendly printers and the TAZ Pro gets little attention.
    The machine works fine and presumably has fairly low hours on it. No upgrades as far as I know, but the Pro comes with some nice features right out of the box.

    Like I said, I haven't found much info regarding the used market for a TAZ Pro.
    It seems that TAZ 5 and 6 printers regularly sell for a few hundred dollars, but I just can't find many sold prices on the Pro model.
    There was one that recently sold on ebay for only $200, but it was not fully functional and was local-pickup-only.
    There is an ebay auction for a PRO that ends this evening. No bids so far with an opening bid of $1000, and the BIN is $1500. I guess when that auction ends, it will provide a little more insight.

    What are your thoughts on how much one should spend on a second-hand TAZ Pro?
    Is it reasonable to spend a considerable amount more on a Pro than what a TAZ 5/6 normally sells for?

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