So I have a printer that is not supported by Cura, but I got spoiled with it on my first printer, and would like to use the same software between the 2.Printer #1 being a Voxelab Aquila and I simply use the Ender 3 profile, all is happy as a clam.Printer #2 is a Voxelab Aquila X3 Max, Not sure about the innards, but the hot end, extruder, stepper motors etc... look to be more or less identical to the Aquila, but this one is BIGGER, and has auto levelling, among other variations.Unfortunately Utilimaker doesn't package any sort of Voxelab printer profiles in Cura, let alone the X3 Max....So I am wondering, I am sure a profile is something that CAN be created, but how?I would of course be more than willing to export and share my Aquila X3 Max profile to the community if there is any call for it beyond just me.