HiReally hoping someone can help me, I foolishly tried to print something using glow in the dark filament which has jammed up my printer and I have no idea how to fix thisI tried heating up the extruder in the hope I could pull the filament out but it wouldn't budge.I took the blue rings off of the white tube which the filament goes through but still not joy.I have managed to get the shroud off and taken off the nozzle (I have some new ones on order which should arrive in the next day or two).What has also happened here is the rubber surround which goes around the nozzle has fallen to bits so I need one of these but have no idea what its called.So, two problems here.1. Jammed filament in the tube and god knows where else2. Need a replacement rubber bitAny ideas what I can do here. Its very annoying.Thanks in advanceLeePS Never using glow in the dark filament again