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    ENDER 3d Neo bed leveling

    Hi, hi have a problem here my bed not leveling, I calibrate the bed and when starts the printing de bed was always derugulated.I already changed the extruder and the motor/rotor , maybe the BL touch?Thanks

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    You need to explain a bit more about what you mean by deregulated. Perhaps post a photo.
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    Have no ideal what you mean by derugulated.

    However I have just had a similar problem after several hours of troubleshooting I have learned that the SD card was causing the problem.
    I tested the SD card on my PC reformatted many times tested perfect on my PC and the Problem persisted until I replaced the SD card with a different card.

    I was not allowed to use the Auto Bed leveling feature without an error, when I tried to manually level the bed all seemed to be well until loading G-Code for a print.
    Then the nozzle would never be in correct position for filament to stick to the bed.

    After grabbing an SD card from my second 3D Printer did I discover that it worked perfectly, an again was capable of leveling the Bed.

    My suggestion is to try a different SD card, as the one you are using may not function correctly on your 3D Printer.

    It needed still have the SD card could make a video to show everything, problems and solution
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