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    Nine-tailed Fox?Ancient Divine Beast of Noble Birth but Being Misunderstood

    The legend of the Nine Tails originated in China, but no one talks about it. The Nine-tailed Fox was once the wife of Xia Yu, the first king of the Xia Dynasty.According to wild history, when Xia Yu passed through Mount Tu to control the water, he heard a white fox singing, so he got married in Mount Tu, and really established Xia with the help of Nine Tails.Excerpted from The Classic of Mountains and SeasThe land of Qingqiu is a land of abundance, with four seasons like spring, inhabited not only by the people of the gods, but also by a variety of demonic races. A small number of human beings also live in the rolling hills.The Nine-tailed Fox Clan had an absolute position here in the Qingqiu Kingdom, and no race dared to slight the Nine-tailed Clan, even the powerful God-folk left over from the ancient times.The Nine-tailed Fox Clan specializes in a variety of attacks and illusionary spells, and they live in the Qingqiu Nine-tailed Demon Foxes all over the country as a family unit, and each family calls for one another, although it is said to be dispersed, in addition to the distance, there is no difference between the groups that live together. If purely from the aspect of strength, in the Qingqiu domestic can say that there is no race can compete.Nine-tailed Fox clan in Qingqiu, has the status as the royal family on earth in general, all tribes are to the nine-tailed fox clan is very respectful. At the same time, the Nine-tailed Fox clan is also the most arrogant race, they rarely interact with foreigners, and the “people” who can be friends with the Nine-tailed Fox clan can be said to be fewer than the Taoist priests in the country of the Green Mound.Why the Nine-Tailed Fox was demonized:In ancient China, the nine-tailed fox was demonized for two main reasons. First, the nine-tailed fox was legendary for its strong demonic powers and. Secondly, the image of the nine-tailed fox was contrary to the moral norms in human society, and was therefore regarded as an ominous sign and a source of misfortune.In other legends, the Nine-tailed Fox is usually associated with undesirable qualities such as desolation, lechery and cunning. For example, Su Daji, a nine-tailed fox depicted in “The Feudal Deity”, was known for her beauty and cunning, which led to the downfall of the country by bewitching the king of the Shang Dynasty. In addition, the Nine-Tailed Fox is also regarded as a demon with special abilities to control other creatures and possess some mysterious skills.
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