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    Hello everyone, another one unlocked

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    Hello everyone,

    A special Stretch goal is just added !

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    Hello everyone, another unlocked stretch goal added to the amazing offer ! 285+ STL files One more backer to unlock the RPG MAster set ! Now let's take a look to the next stretch goals : vampire killer set !

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    It's done ! The 150 backers social stretch goal is now unlocked !!

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    Hello everyone, one more unlocked stretch goals <3
    13 free sets to reach more than 305 STL parts !! Huge offer

    Let's go to the next one : Chaos Set !

    Have a great and fun day ^^

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    Hello everyone, here is the new Social Stretch Goal ! The SUPER EXCLUSIVE Screwdriver saber 2 !! Join us to unlock it !!

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    Hello everyone, ANOTHER ONE !! 14 unlocked stretch goals !!

    Now the amazing Chaos set is free with all pledges !

    What's next ? The Emperor Set ! Create roman swords style or combine with the entire range for more and more creations

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    Hello everyone, one more unlocked Stretch goal : 15 in total !! 320+ STL files

    Let's take a look to the new one : Generic parts set. With this one, you'll get 27 more generic parts to create more and more amazing fantasy weapons or sabers !!

    Thanks for your incredible support

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    Hello everyone ^^

    we are really close to unlock another stretch goal, so I've decided to show you in advance what's next

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    Hello everyone, one more unlocked stretch goal, 17 free sets with your pledge !!

    The next one is the Brick Builder set

    Two more backers to reach 200 and unlock the scredriver saber set II.

    Thanks again for your support

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