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    Catastrophic failure on Creality Ender-3 V3 KE

    Hi, i am new to 3d printing, this is my second printer, bought brand new 2 weeks ago.i have been using the factory settings and regular PLA fillament, had no problems during the first two weeks. i had a print going through the night and woke up to this: (see attached files) could this have happend becouse i used regular PLA fillament instead of PLA+/hyper PLA?
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    The filament monster is probably because the nozzle has a less than perfect seal to the hot end, causing the molten filament to leak.

    I don't know if your hotend is an all metal one with a heat break or one where the Teflon tube butts up to the nozzle. If it's a teflon tube one, a long print time can cause heat creep and lead to leaks and clogs, especially if the end of the tube is not perfectly square and a snug fit. Also repeated heating can deteriorate the tube.

    An all metal hotend with a heat break is a better choice, just heat up the hot end to about 20 degrees more than your normal print temp when you put a new nozzle in and then nip it up, this will seat it hard against the heat break.

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