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    AI generated 3d models - Revolutionary or Evolutionary???

    Hopefully can generate fun discussion. In the last year or two, AI has delved into 3d modeling and height map generation. Though still in the nascent stage it shows promise as better AI models mature. One area I believe is making great gains is height map generators. You can't throw a rock without hitting one. Microsoft, Google, Adobe, TikTok, Stable Diffusion, Adobe, many, many more. In my opinion, this technology is evolutionary and not revolutionary. Given photogrammetry and earlier machine learning tools, this is the next step in the technology. What it does is give options for folks that don't have a deep learning of CAD or 3d modeling to be able to create amazing models. As an example, the 3d print on the left was AI generated and took about 5 minutes to make while the 3d print on the right took me about an hour to digitally sculpt in Blender and Zbrush. One took no 3d modeling skills and the other took knowledge in multiple 3d modeling software to make. [Stable Diffusion generated image using COMFYUI, marigold height map generator, Blender 3d for height map to STL conversion (but most 3d printer slicers can do it)]
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