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    Modded Creality CR10 print quality issues

    Hey Not long ago i have bought my first fdm printer. Creality CR10. It was someones unfinished project. It took me roughly 3 weeks to bring it to life with first fully succesful print.
    Mod list:
    Mobo: BTT SKR 1.4 turbo
    Drivers: BTT TMC 2130
    Display: BTT TFT35 E3.01
    PSU: 24V
    Hotend: Volcano V6 + 0.6mm nozzle
    Part cooler: single 5015 with my custom modeled shroud (see pictures)
    BMG dual gear extruder
    PEI Bed
    Steppers: 17HE15-1504S
    AIO mod
    Hard bed springs
    Better bowen tube
    Squash ball feets
    Running Marlin

    Now the problem. Even tho the printer prints it is not the best quality. (see picture/just the bottom part of it on top i was trying fuzzy skin)
    On the bottom part you can see some lines and pattern occuring on flat surface which is super annoying becouse i have no idea where to start troubleshooting.
    Material PLA (around 1 month old never dried and never stored in dry box)Could it be that the printer is standing on a cheap ikea table?
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