It sounds like you've done a thorough investigation into the issue with your printer. From what you've described, it seems like the problem may indeed be related to the feeding/extruding mechanism rather than the software or file itself. The fact that the printer appears to be "going through the motions" without actually laying down plastic suggests there might be issues with filament feeding or extrusion. Your troubleshooting steps, such as replacing the nozzle, hot end, and feeder wheel, are logical responses to this observation.Since you've already addressed potential nozzle clogs and replaced worn components, it might be worth revisiting the filament path to ensure it's feeding smoothly without any obstructions or tension issues. Additionally, considering adjusting the feed rate or temperature settings could help troubleshoot further.Keep us posted on your progress with the Solidworks model and any further troubleshooting steps you take. Hopefully, you'll find a solution soon!