I know next to nothing about 3D printing, but I do have access to a printer.I'd like to print out a part that is a workaround when the mounting mechanism for a small display for an ebike breaks. It is a clamp that goes around the handlebar that is screwed to tightly fit onto the handlebar. So it always has stress on it. The display it touched to change settings from time to time and can get accidentally bumped from time to time too.I found a design online and have downloaded the STL file. The creator recommened using ABS as it is stronger and suggested PETG might also work. I got with the people with the printer and they mentioned they only had grey ABS filament. I looked around at filaments and found some ABS and also some ABS with carbon fiber. So the carbon fiber should be stronger.I also can across another type of filament that I read is sort of replacing ABS when strength is needed. It is Polycarbonate (PC) and it too comes as just PC or PC with carbon fiber.I do know that polycarbonate is very strong in and used for many things. I also know the there are different types of strenghs and not sure just which ones PC and ABS have and don't have or what would be at play in this application.Here is the link where the file I want to print is: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/vari...acementBesides the drawings there is a picture of the part in use on a bike so you can see how it is used.I'm just wondering if PC or PC with carbon fiber might be good of better than ABS for this application?The printer is a Bambu Lab X1