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    Unhappy Adventurer 4 slides the model

    Hello everyone!I’m using Adventurer 4 printer, and from time to time I face the problem when during printing process printer “slides” printing model away, and continues to print, which cause the situation showed on the picture I’ve taken today, during last printing.It is extremely annoying, especially when you have 7 hours model printing, 2 hours has been already printed, and vouilah - all screwed up.Printer firmware is up-to-date, calibration is being made before every printing, flashforge app as well is up-to-date, STL files are always from different authors, but result pretty often is the same.Ca you, please, assist?Evgeny

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    Hi Zhekka77! I got the same problem with my Adventurer 4 printer. Unfortunately I have no Idea about the Issue and no solution eather. The only thing I imagine was, the failure happens after printing models one after the other. Maybe it will help to move the Bed and the Nozzle back to Home Position after each Print Job. Do you or the community have other experiences or solutions ? Please let me/us know. I`m using Autodesk Fusion 360 for modeling and FlashPrint 5 to slice and send to the Printer via WiFi. All the software is up to date!Greatings from Bavaria( hoping my English is god enough )

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