Hey Printers,

im new to this forum and hope you could help me
Im from germany and uses my 3D printer for boardgame and smarthome stuff.
It is my first 3d printer, its a Kywoo Tycoon 3D printer.

Before i used to print some halloween things with glowing PETG, everything was fine and i was able to print with good results PLA.
For PETG i increases the nozzle temperature from 205° up to 235° and the bed temperatur from 60° up to 80°.
The result was pretty nice, with the same settings in ultimaker i was able to print some skeletons, bats and spinders with a good and smooth surface.

After that i switched to PLA and noted that my z-offset no longer fits. So i first use the paper-method to roughly determine the distance. After that i printed some one layer squares to determine the exact distance.
I noticed that the extruder gear maked some clicking noice, and i stopped the print. The PLA no longer adhered to the bed and the nozzle was apparently clogged.

At first I thought the gear was broken because it is made of soft copper. As I couldn't find the gear separately, I ordered the dual extruder with two gears. After installing the dual gear...same clicking.
It seems as if too much PLA is being conveyed and the nozzle is clogged, resulting in a PLA jam.

The Printer:

dual gear extruder.jpg
New 0.4 nozzle(s) installed

Test Prints:
Leveling test - 0.2mm thick

Flow test - each wall 0.4mm thick after setting flow to 94% because my line with is 0.4mm

Strining test - some ticker strings on the inner sides

PLA - PLA rest from the nozzle after clicking and PLA jam.

At first I thought it was the PLA, but after I changed it, it got much better. But with each layer, PLA seems to build up and it starts to click (gear no longer grips and no longer feeds PLA).
I can't print anything with the standard profile from Kywoo Tycoon for PLA, I created an Ultimaker profile from the Enders 3 V2, which was used to create the test prints.

Does anyone have a guess as to what the problem could be? Could my hotend be damaged so that it is not heating constantly?