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    Large gaps with 100% infill. Help!

    Hiya!Just replaced the hotend of my Ender 3 Max Neo after getting thermal runway errors, now I'm getting this: (^sorry i'm new to the forum, don't know how markups or links work yet ABS filament. I've tried temps between 235° - 250°C with the same result. I've had prints skip & fall apart before but this is on another level entirely. I talked to a friend who said to slow down the print in 'Tune' or by turning the shuttle wheel during the print. Appreciate any suggestions!

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    Just my take on the problem......

    Does the new hotend have a thermal break in it or does the teflon tube actually contact the nozzle?
    If the latter is the case, printing at 250 will more than likely cause problems with rapid deterioration of the teflon tube.

    If your infil is 100% you are basically printing a solid block of ABS, if the splits are on the layer lines it would suggest that the cause is the thermal difference in the mass of the print at various stages.

    Can you use say 20% infill?

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    Not sure about thermal break, here's the Amazon link:

    I have printed a number of components with 100% infill over the last few months, so maybe that's what deteriorated the original hotend. The stuff I printed before the thermal runway occurred came out fine.

    I will try lowering the infill. Thanks!

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