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    A little help with first layer

    I have never had solid first layer performance. I have had some reasonable success, but I always feel like the finished product pops off a bit too easy. Now that I have a print that has several holes, I feel like I'm pushing it pretty hard. All of these fine details dont like to stick well. I upped bed temp from 55 to 60, but I still have some questionable looks here. Please have a look and give me some suggestions.Material: PLAFirst layer rate 30mm/secHead 210cbed 60cA couple pictures attached.
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    Oh, my z is -0.05. Anything less (as in closer to zero) and adhesion is less than aweful.

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    From the photos it looks like you are using the smooth side of the PEI bed sheet, if so, try the rough side and re level the bed or use some glue stick if it's the smooth side.

    Just a thought......there is an X-CF pro profile in ORCA slicer and also some calibration files to print.

    I checked my 'e' steps and had to change them. If you check them for 100mm of filament and you are getting more or less than 100mm extruded send an email with the details to....

    I did, and I was sent an update with the corrected 'e' steps.
    Qidi doesn't do the usual G-code 'e' steps, so sending the usual modified G-code file to the eprom doesn't work.
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    Well it actually did worse that time on the rough side. You can see the two hole starts that popped off.

    Yes, I do wipe with an alcohol soaked paper towel, and do a fast level EACH time. Please advise.

    The first one I showed I let finish. I had to have one good one today. This one I had to cancel.
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    I have a lot of dribbly too. Any way to fix this also?
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    I'm no expert by any means, but for what it's wortrh......Try ORCA slicer and use the X-CF pro profiile in it with a generic PLA profile and just print the flow test in the calibration menu.

    Might also be worth putting a new nozzle in.

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