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    Filament keeps breaking

    I have a creality ender 3 pro. I use creality pla+ filament. It breaks right at the Extruder. It breaks between the pulley and the gear on the stepper motor. it is the original setup from the factory. The only thing that i change was the hotend and that was a year ago. it looks like the filament is grind in half. It will work good for one print and then the next print it will break off. I check everything and it looks good. I even tighten the screw to make it tighter. thanks for the help i get.
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    If your filament is ground in half, check the fteeth on the extruder are not clogged up needing to much pressure on the filament.
    Check for a clogged nozzle.
    Try a different spool of filament to check if the problem is in the filament which might need drying.

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