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    Brand new to this

    a good friend of mine has an LD-002H, and a set of circumstances has led to him not going to have a use for it for a while, and he brought it over to my place for me to learn to use. I am brand new to this, and am hoping to learn the ropes well enough to make some useful stuff. I would love some pointers as far as how to get started. We printed a little 3D business card, and that's the extent of my experience so far. I'd love some links to 101 threads in here and good videos to watch to get started, cause the whole thing is kinda intimidating intimidating to be honest. I've done CNC lathe work in the past so I have a concept of computer driven manufacturing, but I know this is different than thatThanks for any ideas and I look forward to this being the new way that I spend my free time (-:Jono
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    Loads of info on YouTube.

    Teaching Tech
    Makers Muse
    CNC Kitchen
    Thomas Sanlandera
    3D Printing Nerd

    and many more. Just search 3D printing.

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    From what I see online, it's a resin printer. Take seriously the health considerations when using. The vapors from the resin can damage your lungs. The worst aspect of this is that it takes time to develop symptoms and by then, it's too late. Use VOC type filtration in the mask and keep the work area ventilated as much as possible. If you can smell the resin vapor, you're in danger.

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