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    Question Just got anycubic NEO 2 printer

    Hi all,
    Brand new to 3d printing and just waiting for filament to arrive. Got the printer built and all seems good. Just a question about stl files. If I get one of a woman's profile in relief facing say to the right. can it just be flipped to make it face to the left ? or is it not as simple as that ? will have a lot more questions im sure once I get up and running.

    Thanks Alan

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    Should be simple. CURA can mirror the model. Use the adjustment tools on the left and select mirror. For Prusa, right click model and select mirror. If using a different slicer I am sure there are directions on the web on how to do it.

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    Thanks, I just got it up and running and its printing its first benchy now. Im sure I will have a lot more question but thanks for the help. I have Prusa slicer.


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