Hey all!

First post here, please be gentle! The printer in question is an Anycubic Photon Mono X. It used to print fine, but recently I am increasingly having difficulty with prints sticking to FEP. This is a huge waste of time and money. Out of my last 5 build attempts, only 1 was successful (and subsequently, printing the same item a second time using the same settings, fails always). Its very discouraging.

Quick summary of what I have done/tried so far:

-Researched to discover others with similar experiences
-Cleaned FEP with hot water and microfiber cloth. Wiped dry
-Cleaned FEP with Alcohol, followed by water wash and dry
-Lubed the FEP with PTFE Spray (This seemed to make the FEP feel stickier somehow?)
-Replaced FEP (One article mentioned that the FEP needs to be able to flex, and suggested a 'method' for re-installation of replacement FEP)
-After replacement of FEP tried several prints without PTFE lube. No difference
-Using 120 grit sandpaper, Sanded (to rough up) the build plate
-Tried several different resins each from different manufacturers, including different colors
-Tried printing large and small objects (including tall and short, wide and narrow etc)
-Adjusted bottom layer exposure (tried assorted values between 20-30s)
-Adjusted amount of bottom layers
-Adjusted normal layer exposure
-Updated slicer software (grasping at straws)
-Between each of these list items, I attempted a print to see if it fixed anything (zero improvement)

I would super appreciate any help, tips, tricks or advice anyone may be able to offer on this. I really enjoy 3d printing -- when I get to print