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    Weird Mid-Print Offset Issue

    I am not quite sure what would cause this...

    Printer: AnyCubic Kobra Max
    Filament Type: PETG

    Not near my printer at the moment so can't grab slicer settings, but like I said I've done multiple Benchy Boats as well as a under the desk drawer which has a larger footprint then this as well as taller so that shouldn't be a concern.

    Viewing the GCode on an online simulator does not show the same hiccup as the prints do.


    I've attempted this print 3x now, and each time it gets to this section this happens. I'll upload the STL as well as the GCode from the printer for this.

    This is isolated to this STL but I do not know why this would happen.

    GCode Pasted Below

    Appreciate any help I can get, thanks! xt42QoWBwrQ

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