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    CTC Bizer Dual Extrusion not working


    I have an old CTC Bizer with dual extruder and Sailfish 7.7
    Slicer: Makerbot Desktop; I couldn't get anything else to work
    I did some test prints which were successful.

    Now I wanted to do a two-color print.
    I sliced an object in Makerbot Desktop and send it to the printer.

    After heating, both extruders are primed succesfully.


    It then moves to X until the end (on the side without an end stop) and doesn't stop.
    Which causes the belts to skip to infinity.
    With Single Extrusion it does this too, BUT after 2/3 jumps of the belt it notices and starts printing.

    What can I do against it?

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    First, check the slicing settings in Makerbot Desktop to ensure that both extruders are configured correctly for dual extrusion printing. Pay attention to the start and end G-code scripts to ensure they are properly configured for your printer. Then, verify the physical settings of the printer, including belts and endstops. Make sure all components are properly aligned and functioning correctly.

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