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    Bypass for FormLabs Resin Cartridges

    Resin Chip Bypassing Kit for FormLabs 3D Printers Form 2, Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B, Form 3B+Chip Bypassing Kit comes as assembled tool, and you don’t need to drill or solder your resin cartridge to install it. following types of resin supported: Standard Black V3, V4, White V3, V4, Grey V3, V4, Clear V2, V4, Dental Model V2, Engineering - Durable, Engineering - Flexible, Engineering - Grey Pro, Engineering - High Temp, Engineering - Rigid, Engineering - Tough V4, V5, Jewelry - Castable V2, Jewelry - Castable Wax. 1 file is equivalent to 1L of resin. Once resin level counts to 0%, you need to load the same data file into the Bypass, and so on. Watch video how to install the Bypassing Kit onto your cartridge: Watch video how to program the Bypass:
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