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    Ender3v2 CRTouch - Not Auto Levelling

    Just installed the CRTouch onto my Ender3v2, and updated the board/lcd with the latest MRISCOC firmware that most people recommended.CRTouch works fine. I can home with it, got the z-offset done, build a mesh with it etc, so not a case of bed too low and erroring out, it seems to work fine.I went into CURA, added G29 after G28 because I want it to re-map / level before every print. However, it runs G28 and auto-homes, then prints. The section of code looks like below... I added the M140 S60, M190 S60 and G29 lines as per a video I saw.Any ideas why it's skipping it? Ideally I want it to at least probe 9 points (3x3) before printing, 16 (4x4) preferred.

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    M140 S60 ; Warm bed to 60C
    M190 S60 ; Wait until bed is warm
    G28 ; Home all axes
    G29 ; Auto Bed Level

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