Sunlu Black Friday Blowout!
It’s the biggest shopping season of the year, and Sunlu is celebrating with can’t-miss Black Friday deals on our top-rated 3D filaments and resins! Upgrade your printing and prototyping for less this time only.
The more you buy, the more you save!
When you spend over 150$, you can get an extra 56$ worth of AntiString-PLA
When you spend over 250$, you can get an extra 84$ worth of Easy ABS filament!

When you spend over 150$, you can get an extra 75$ worth of High Tough Resin and Standard Plus Resin
When you spend over 350$, you can get an extra 195$ worth of High Tough Resin? Standard Plus Resin?Water-washable-ABS-like Resin, PA-like resin and Plant Based Resin

Standard Resin 500g/Bottle as low as $8.99
Bundle deals - get extra 3D printer for free when you buy filaments
Stock up on all the PLA, ABS, PETG, and other filaments you’ll need for a fraction of the regular price. Top quality materials made to maximize the quality of your prints.
Take your printing and creativity to the next level and save big this Black Friday Shopping-season at Sunlu. Shop now and get the Sunlu products you need at prices
that can’t be beat!

By the way, it’s the best time for preparing Christmas gifts for your kids with a 3D printing pen!
Sale ends 11/30. See site for details.