Hello Everyone. a 4th year college student here, stuck on his final project about 3D printers and have 2 month time. need serious help

my project is kinda unique(I guess) so I've searched a lot but haven't found any solution

the project is that I'm making a FGM with 3d printer and each layer should have a different exposure time so i have to make the resin 3D printer(any brand, doesn't matter) capable of different exposure times for each layer before the start of printing.

for example if a material is sliced into 20 layers in the slicer application, right now the printer asks us the amount of exposure time for that layer in advance and then prints that layer. after that, it asks us the next layer's exposure time and then the next layer and... it goes on and asks us to determine an exposure time before printing each layer.

what I want to have is to determine this 20 numbers(all of the exposure times) in a txt file(or any file, doesn't really matter) and give the printer these numbers before starting so that we wouldn't have to use our hands to input the number for each layer and after each layer when it wants the new exposure time for that layer, goes and reads from that file where our determined numbers are in.

I somehow wanted to insert this into the G-Code but as I understood today, slicers for resin printers do not give a G-code and outputs are in other formats.

I also thought this is a typical problem and the source-code or other answers might be on the internet but I couldn't fine any.

is there any slicer software which is capable of this, or any similar solution?

I'm looking for any kind of help and thank you very much in advance????????????