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    Is it possible to print a spacer with an inset on the top and bottom for an o-ring?

    I have been unable to find an appropriate sized spacer with insets for an o-ring on the top and bottom searching Google so I decided to consider 3D printing the spacers and using off the shelf o-rings.

    I am concerned that the printer might have trouble with the inset on the bottom of the spacer. I was hoping you guys have some experience regarding this.

    The printer I was thinking of buying to make a bunch of these small parts in ABS plastic is the Creality Ender 3 3D.

    Any advice you guys have would be more than appreciated, thank you


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    Hi Bob, additive fabrication is probably not what you want. If you are using O-rings you are trying to seal something. 3d printing is not known for it's air/water tightness. Also as you fear, the side of the part with the suspended area will need to be printed on supports.. this is where the slicer creates little towers under the suspended area so the first layer of the suspended part has something to land on.. this leaves a very uneven surface..
    I would highly advise against the purchase of a 3d printer for this venture as it is not the proper tool for the job.
    Please remember I am making assumption as you did not provide details on the parts design or what it will be doining.
    Good luck!

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