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    Question 3D printed clock, step-by-step motor

    Hello everyone,I am building a 3D printed clock.It will be driven by a stepper motor (Nema14), an arduino and a driver (A4988). I will be purchasing all of the above equipment from the website.I will be posting some pictures of the clock and finished project, as well as the STEP file for anyone who wants to 3D print this project.I need precise rotation of the stepper motor.However, I could not get the stepper motor to rotate.I referenced some tutorials, including this one: A4988, the "breakthrough" for controlling stepper motors ...... Even with microstepping Using arduino micro, Nema 14 motor and A4988 driver. The motor seems to be blocked from turning.Any ideas, suggestions ......?
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    Sorry I am no help. I have no experience with stepper motors or arduinos but just wanted to encourage you on.

    I am starting a similar project, though with cnc wood cut gears. I am using high torque dc motors (5 rpm) with a motor speed controller to fine tune the rotation.

    Hopefully, someone with more knowledge than me can help.

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