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    First 3D printer

    I am looking for a easy to use printer that is capable of printing strong parts .been looking atCreality K1Ender-3 V3 KESovol SV07 PlusNeptune 4 Plusthe K1 seems a good price at the moment but not sure what benefits i get except for case on the KE .Both sound like a beginner printer ,with ease of use ?The sovol and the Neptune seem bigger but more of a leaning curve and old tech ?Any advice would be appreciated

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    When it works it is easy.. soon as you have an issue, you are forces to learn all the intimate details you do not seem to want to have to deal with up front.
    Just be prepared.. That is for 3d fabrication in general, can't comment on any of those printers. For instance, any printer can print strong parts, if you design the part to be strong since designing a part for 3D fabrication is not the same as Injection molding or machine from a solid piece of material. Part orientation, and slicer configuration all have to be correct, as well as the right material for the job.
    Do not choose a printer that is locked into a manufacture proprietary software.. it needs to work with all the slicers out there.. If you do not understand what the slicer sorftware does, google it as it is important to understand.
    Good luck!

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