Hi All,

I am new to 3d printing world and planning to buy my first 3d printer. I was planning to buy Creality ender v3 S1 but got to know about Creality ender v3 SE which has very similar features like S1 and also with less cost.
While observing the differences carefully I found that SE is a cost down version to bring SE below $200 price.
I really appreciate that Creality has done some sensible design changes to bring the cost down but also have done changes which I believe might affect the durability of the printer in long run as SE is around 1.3 Kg lighter than S1.
Present cost difference between S1 and SE after various discounts is not very huge in India, may be introduction of SE has reduced the S1 cost. I would like your suggestion if S1 is still a better printer than SE? Which one should I go with?