Hi guys, I'm a 3D artist looking to set up a business selling STL files of D&D-style miniatures. Think Warhammer size and scale. I'm sculpting them using ZBrush.I'm very new to 3D printing - I've got some first sculpts completed and I'm looking to test print them, preferably using SLA printing to maintain the level of detail.Does anyone know a good and affordable service for printing this kind of model? Any and all advice would be extremely welcome!I also am looking to get some thoughts on the size and detail of the file itself. It's 98 megabytes and around 1 million polys total - is this too large? I'm hoping to maintain the detail of the model but I also understand that there are technical limitations to printing.Please feel free to DM if you feel you need to see an image of the sculpt to be able to tell what's needed! And if anyone has an SLA printer and would be able to print my sculpts off and post them back to me, that would be amazing - of course I would pay you for this as well Thank you in advance!