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    Why is It That The Focus Guys Get All The Cool Stuff?.. Not Anymore.

    We drive a 2020 Ford transit Connect and both the Mazda, Focus and Connect share the same engines. So I started hanging the Focus forums and I noticed something just behind the car's front grille. There's this colorful rectangle thing just behind the grille. I asked around and found out it's called a snorkel or air ram system for the Focus. I searched for the makers of these snorkels and found out they make several of these air ram intakes for a variety of cars.I sent work asking if they would design something for our van, but they decline to do so. Not giving up, I searched a 3D creative common site and several of the members there created their own versions of this snorkel. Found one I liked, download the files and sent them to our shop. That was 1 year ago. About 4 months ago we get an email with pictures of a partially complete snorkel for the van. I was thrilled they did this for us, but wasn't thrilled with the burgundy colored intake tube. Asking them to reprint the 4 other tubes in black instead of the burgundy color. 1 month ago, I get those black tubes and now we're almost ready to install the air ram on the van. Only thing holding us back it that I need to find time to buy Zunsports mesh grille cover because we have to redesign the Connect's front grille and get rid of the Ford emblem.
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