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— Actual beginning —
Hello I used to own a Cr10 a few years ago. It was quite good but it was loud. You could definitely hear it regardless where you went in the place, day and night.

I don't have the cr10 anymore and the new place has thinner walls / proximity to others is shorter.

So my question is, which budget/entry <300€ 3d printer would fit? Please not any of the tiny volume fancy-brand ones, I don't expect the insanely large printing volume/area of my old CR10 but I also don't want something where the printing area is smaller than your palm.

I heard sovol sv06 is leaps better than cr10 but I have no idea about the noise which is the most important aspect. I am just getting back into the scene so I might be rusty.

PS: Upon my research to get back in, I have discovered that a) people don't seem to use glue anymore whenever they start a print haha b) lubing could reduce noise c) potentially replace fans with noctua equivalent.