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    What is the quietest entry/budget 3d printer for appartments?

    Hello I used to own a Cr10 a few years ago. It was quite good but it was loud. You could definitely hear it regardless where you went in the place, day and night.

    I don't have the cr10 anymore and the new place has thinner walls / proximity to others is shorter.

    So my question is, which budget/entry <300€ 3d printer would fit? Please not any of the tiny volume fancy-brand ones, I don't expect the insanely large printing volume/area of my old CR10 but I also don't want something where the printing area is smaller than your palm.

    I heard sovol sv06 is leaps better than cr10 but I have no idea about the noise which is the most important aspect. I am just getting back into the scene so I might be rusty.

    PS: Upon my research to get back in, I have discovered that a) people don't seem to use glue anymore whenever they start a print haha b) lubing could reduce noise c) potentially replace fans with noctua equivalent.

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    I would buy an Ender 3 and replace the motherboard with SKR Mini E3. Its TMC2209 drivers make the steppers nearly silent.

    After that the power supply fan is the loudest thing. There's no space inside for a bigger fan, but the hotend and steppers don't use a lot of power so one option is to use a fanless AC adapter, and either mains powered heat bed or masking tape/glue stick on a cold bed.

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