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    Question Model slicing problems

    Hi, So I'm new to this and have been trying to get my Ender 5 Pro with an ABS filament (though currently testing with the free filament that comes with the printer, since the ABS stuff we have is specialist and kinda expensive - just wanted something food safe and capable of making waterproof prints if needed) to print some casings for naked sensors I'm assembling with an arduino. I have other sensors to work on too, but I think if I'm struggling this much with the first one, I should probably aim to manage one set of problems before running head first into the next variety of challenges. The sensor is known as a DHT-22 sensor and monitors temperature and humidity. Link below in case you wanted to look at the sensor itself and come up with your own design.'m modelling in Blender and have made numerous efforts to increase thickness of the walls of the model in hopes of helping the slicer to pick up what I'm requesting of it - but the part is small (only ~15mm along it's longest dimension). The design needs to be something that can secure the sensor inside and provide a channel through which a tie wrap/cable tie/ zip tie can be run through to mount the whole thing to various surfaces. The design I'm aiming for is attached (most unmodified version - I've been learning blender alongside this and my efforts to make the model better fit have been... Let's say less than pretty... Any advice on how to more effectively shape the model so as to give Creality slicer the best odds of effectively making a stable print would be hugely appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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    I know I may be stating the obvious, but have you looked on thingiverse as there are several on there - meaning the work is done for you if suitable? Thingiverse is your essential goto for everything...
    you could mod this to be an umbrellered cover ? = im not sure how you can reallisticaly waterproof it as it needs to breathe to sense?
    thingiverse has everything...literally.
    I also only know cura 5.40 as my prefered slicer - subscribe to chep on youtube.
    Just my suggestions but coming from a starter - this was my journey
    Im nearly a year in...
    I would also suggest with my limited experience you do away with abs and get some PETG
    abs is obsolete, and stinky..
    your printer will thank you for it and it wont be maxing doing ender3v2 easily does petg..

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    your sensor need air flow.. you may want send that one back and grab this one.. When I wanted a sensor for my indoor hydroponics tent I considered an enclosure but opted for the simplicity of this sensor instead since it is ready to go as is.

    ABS is my go to filament for most times, but that was after about 3 years of PLA and PETG.. and building a heated enclosure. Love the smell of ABS in the morning! ;-)
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