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    Marlin hotend Fan

    I have a Ender 3 Pro and I just installed a new SKR Mini E3 V3.0 as I fried my other board cleaning filament off the hotend with a wire brush. I noticed that the fan for the hotend only comes on at around 50C. I am using Marlin 2.1.x bugfix. Is there a way to have the hotend fan turn on sooner like at 30C or 40C?

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    50C is standard for the hot end fan, no need for it to be on sooner.. I don't turn mine on until 60C as my enclosure can be 50C.. The fan it to keep the filament cool above the heat break.. has nothing to do with cooling the hot end, after all the hot ends job is to get really hot!:-)

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    I was just thinking about this the other day. It's not feasible on a V2 out of the box without getting an E3 V3 with the hotend fan port. Another option is to hook up a relay and utilize the pi's gpio pins to trigger the relay. However, a Raspberry Pi, Octoprint, and some form of gpio plugin are required. You can configure it to fire when the printer begins to heat up or when a specific gcode command is issued. I updated my hotend fan with a 4010 noctua, so it's already perfectly silent. It makes no difference to me.

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