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    Cool - Crowdsourced 3D printing and delivery [good for beginners!]

    Here's the website:

    Some context on why I built this: I'm a Software Engineer by trade, but I've been into the 3D printing hobby for around 2 years now. When I first started, I got frustrated multiple times while I was learning which printer to buy, how to maintain the printer after purchase, how to solve clogs and repair worn out parts, slice models properly using the right settings, and so on. I think it's good to learn how all of that stuff works if you're going to be in the hobby for the long term like I am (and I'm glad I went through some of that frustration), but there's also the issue of cost - spending $459 on a Prusa MINI+ or some other good quality printer (not including the cost of filament) is out of a lot of people's price ranges, and lower quality printers for less money tend to have issues to them that require extra time to solve properly. I'm building PrintSwarm to allow newbies to upload their 3D models and click a button to have the completed print delivered to them (or just pick it up themselves) within minutes of the print being done.

    I think there's value here in making this as easy to use as possible as many existing "3D printing as a service" websites make you fill out giant forms to describe your project in detail (these are more marketed toward large companies), charge expensive fees per gram of material, and/or only offer slow delivery times. What do you all think about this idea? Feel free to leave positive or negative thoughts in the suggestions box on the website or comment below and I'll respond. Cheers and thank you in advance!

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    This looks like a good service. There are plenty of people here on this forum who don't have a 3D printer and could use your service.

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