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    Creality K1 printing quality issues with PA/Nylon newbie

    Hello,I'm new to the world of 3D printing and I'm currently using a Creality K1 printer. My goal is to print with Nylon. I have previously conducted a few test prints using PLA, which turned out decently. However, I've encountered difficulties in finding the optimal settings for printing with Nylon, despite my efforts over the past two days.To begin, I attempted to print a basic all-in-one 3D printer test model. The attached photos display the outcome. I would greatly appreciate advice from some of you pros regarding the various issues I need to address, as I'm aware there are multiple problems.For this particular print, here are the specifications I utilized:- Nozzle temperature: 275°C (the filament manufacturer suggests 245-270°C, but it doesn't print properly below 260°C and after a temperature testprint i found 275°C to be the best temperature for this filament)- Bed temperature: 75°C (Parts tend to detatch from the printbed at temperatures over 75°C)- Layer height: 0.2mm- Infill: 20%- Speed: 35mm/s for outer and inner walls, and 50mm/s for infill- No part cooling- Retraction distance: 3.5mm- Retraction speed: 35mm/s- I have a filament dryer running throughout the printing process.Initially, I suspected a nozzle clog and cleaned it, but unfortunately, that didn't resolve the issue. The overhangs are bad, so I experimented with adjusting the flow rate. However, increasing it by 5% made it worse, as did decreasing it by 5%.I'm hoping that some experienced individuals can provide assistance. If necessary, I can provide additional information.Thank you in advance.
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    You mentioned using a dryer thruout the printing process -- did you dry the filament prior to the printing process?

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    Nylon needs to be dried over night and placed in the printer enclosure right from the dehydrator, assuming you have your printer in an enclosure. I personally never change filaments types without running cleaning filament through the hot end to remove all of the pervious material, never will have a clog if this is done religiously.

    I have never had a print turn out like that so hard to guess, I would say it looks like it is way too hot, and printing way to fast. Max speed anything thing should be moving on something that small would be maybe 25mmS.. Extrusion multiplier should already been calibrated and correct with a simple 2 walled square designed for your extrusion width. My suggestion would be to work with PLA for a few month and learn the slicer and machine before try to work with Nylon.

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